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Mirage III S Swiss Air Force

January 31, 2016 in Aviation

In use of 1964 – 2003
Kit: Revell 1:32 from 1973

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9 responses to Mirage III S Swiss Air Force

  1. Well done, Hans….the finish looks VERY nice. I like it.

  2. Good looking plane, great looking model!

  3. Oh yes, I like that a lot! Great paint work!

  4. Well done Hans, always liked the looks of this aircraft, no matter what the paint scheme. Yours looks very nice.

  5. Great work Hans it looks fabulous !

  6. Hans I like the NMF that you achieved with this Mirage. It is a very good rendition of a weathered NMF. I still rank the Mirage III as the best looking fighter to emerge from Europe during the 60’s. You brought out the best in this old kit. Well done!!!

  7. Very nice! That’s a great scheme with the red accent on the NMF, and you did a great job weathering the NMF – not an easy task!

  8. Good job on an old kit! Lovely clean finish.

  9. Nice work, Hans. I remember when that kit was the latest and greatest.

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