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Models in 2015 – I’m surprised

January 8, 2016 in Aviation

I’m really surprised to discover I managed to build 22 models in 2015, in spite of everything else I did in the year:

Moved in February – no modeling in January, February or early March.

Wrote “The Frozen Chosen” between mid-February and end of June – 120,000 words.

Wrote “The Bridgebusters” early July to end of November – 85,000 words.

Wrote three magazine articles – 3,000 words each.

Models not in order of construction, but as they came up going through the files. Definitely “the Year of Airfix.” Only one 1/32 kit, and seven 1/72 kits after a 35 year hiatus in that scale.

21 additional images. Click to enlarge

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12 responses to Models in 2015 – I’m surprised

  1. quite the collection, Tom. Nice builds.

  2. You have really been busy, well done! I can even spot a SAAB J 21 in the collection 🙂

  3. Great year, TC, those new Airfix kits are excellent.

  4. Tom, outstanding group of builds, as always. You are a modeling machine!

  5. Geeze Louise – I wanna be like you when I grow up!!

    Great collection of builds – congrats on such an incredible year of excellent output!

  6. 22? A measly twenty-two. Piker. Try and do better this year will ya ? 🙂

  7. Only 22? So the stash is almost gone ? Nice job Tom.

  8. Tail end Charlie here, take note that most if not all of these builds have been accompanied with (for a Webzine mag) an in-depth article. A mini Osprey book in some cases. In 2015 TC had surgery to improved his eyes that has allowed him to return to building kits in 1/72nd scale again. Prior to his surgery, he did a lot of excellent work in 1/32nd. I’ve noticed a up tick in his photography skills and he’s done all of these reviews or therapy builds and articles at no cost to the reader. While the rest of us hold are rattle cans and play show and tell…write some positive comments. This poor sod has managed to drag his feet and build three kits and stare at a blank screen when it come to writing articles… for 2015.

  9. what nice Collection

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