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OK….let’s get this outta the way – 2015 builds

January 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

Like TC, I didn’t realize I’d destroyed this many kits over the last year – although a few of ’em turned out ok I guess.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge

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30 responses to OK….let’s get this outta the way – 2015 builds

  1. quite a lot done!

  2. Nice set….coupla splinter schemes there….I like the Hunter. Even though its a jet I might have to git one…

  3. Very productive year….nice work by the way.

  4. Craig, you got a lot done, and not a destroyed one in the bunch! Great stuff!
    Whose Hunter and Hornet? Hasegawa Apache with the mast mount?

  5. All super nice, Craig. I especially like that Ferris scheme

  6. Great year Craig! All of your builds turned out mighty fine. And a great selection to boot. I am liking this.
    California Steve

  7. Yeah, they all look pretty good, Craig, my favourite is definitely the Hunter.

  8. They all look great!!! I still can’t believe that these are all rattle can painted. You are a master of the rattle can. I only ever tried it on an AMT Valkyrie and XB 49 and it was a disaster every time. Great collection!!!

    • Thanks, Morne…exclusively “rattle cans” – that’s me. However, I wouldn’t categorize it as ‘masterful’, more like I’m lousy with an airbrush. 🙁
      The only non-rattle can paint applied was the darker camo on the Hunter – I actually brushed that on (something else I seldom do – use a brush….except for Future – THAT I brush).

  9. You’ve got some real keepers here Craig. Nice work.

  10. Very nice Craig, I see you have had a busy year, you use a rattle can? you got to be kidding me, you get a great finish though. Keep up the great work, I look forward to your builds this year.

  11. The rattle can lives! Nice work Craig, have admit I use them a lot as well.

  12. great work and year man…love that 18

  13. Great collection – would make any modeler proud! You got a nice-looking calendar there, with one for the cover!

  14. I don’t know how I missed that sea blue F-18, Craig. Very nice work. That centennial scheme really suits the Hornet well.

  15. Very nice, Craig all beautiful builds 🙂

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