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Revell/ProModeler P-47N, 1/48

January 14, 2016 in Aviation

One of two 1/48 injection-molded P-47N kits out there (Academy’s N coming out around the time this one came out in the late 1990s), the ProModeler kit was repopped a few years back by Revell.
While it’s the most accurate N kit in outline, it’s also a bear to build when compared to the Academy kit. Plenty of care is needed to ensure a decent fit, but many areas lack sharpness of detail. The best approach to this kit is treating it like a short-run kit.
That said, the kit has some good points. The propeller isn’t bad in shape, and the engine lacks only the ignition harness yoke around the crankcase and some ignition wires.
The cockpit is an improvement over those in the older Monogram Thunderbolts, but the parts are fiddly and need plenty of test-fitting to get a well-aligned cockpit tub. There is no positive fit of the tub into the fuselage, so you will need to apply plenty of modeling skill. For a laundry list of things to watch out for, I did a construction article about a year ago here (
The kit decals are fair and settle in with your favorite decal solvent. I used an aftermarket KitsWorld sheet for Ie Shima-based Ns to build ‘Chautauqua’ from the 507th Fighter Group’s 463rd Fighter Squadron. The kit fuselage national markings were used, however, because they were already cut to fit the fuselage supercharger bypass vents.
I reworked the wing racks and droptanks for more detail, and I replaced the kit machine gun blast tubes with scratchbuilt items. An old Eduard photoetched cockpit seat replaced the kit item.
I reworked the undernose supercharger waste gates (heavily), drilled the wing landing and IFF light areas for model railroad light jewels and replaced the wing pitot tube with a sewing pin and plastic scrap.
No centerline fuselage rack was supplied; I scratched a replacement with wire and plastic stock. A boarding step made from plastic strip and a fin tail-warning radar aerial rounded out the project.

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11 responses to Revell/ProModeler P-47N, 1/48

  1. No “Too big and too heavy”, huh? They knew what they were fighting for.
    Love that ultimate T-bolt. (thought I wuz gonna say Jug, ha!)

  2. Stellar craftsmanship, sir….well done indeed.

  3. She is a beauty Mike….nice work.

  4. Thanks. It made me work and work on my techniques lol.

  5. Great looking 47 – really like the scheme on that one. Your usual eye for detail on display again.

  6. Beautiful, simple paint scheme … and you did it well. The P-47 is a beast. I love them!

  7. I don’t know how I missed this beauty !!!! Excellent in all regards………… Thanks for sharing it with us. I really like it.

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