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The “Theme Game”….

January 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

A selection of categories for your consideration:

Monogram 48th B-17G
Tamiya 48th M-4 Sherman
Dragon 1/6th MG-42
Tamiya 72nd Vosper
Monogram 25th Superbird

4 additional images. Click to enlarge

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13 responses to The “Theme Game”….

  1. How very diverse, I remember that MG42 that was a goodun.

  2. Love the Superbird, had a Mopar overflow lot by my house when I was a kid. Challengers, Barracudas, and Roadrunners as far as a 12 year old could see! And the colors!

  3. Great builds mate. I just posted my B-17G for your themes. ( And a Ki-48 incidentally. )

  4. Great looking stuff Craig, I will keep my on this. I really like the MG42 !

  5. Thanks, guys….more pics of each build can be found on my iModeler blog.

  6. I would post something but haven’t been able to upload any images for a month. Technical problem iM still hasn’t cracked.

  7. Damned nice, one and all. Great work Craig!

  8. Looks mighty fine Craig….

  9. Nice work Craig. I saw the “King’s” Superbird in the flesh at a car show in Rosemont, Illinois last November. That’s when race cars were race cars.

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