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2 finished hawaii five-0 dioramas

February 24, 2016 in Diorama

finished these two five-0 dioramas set in the new series
i hand made the two figures of danny and mcgarrett with the silver 2010 chevy camaro rs this scene can be set anywere in season 2-3 the other one has mcarrett working on the 74 marquis in his driveway and danny pulling up in his 2014 chevy camaro ss 1le this scene can be set anywere from season 4-6

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7 responses to 2 finished hawaii five-0 dioramas

  1. Keep up the good work. The cars look great and the models of the actors are spot on. Most of the actors on Hawaii Five-0 where pretty wooden to begin with. You couldn’t have done any better in modeling them.

  2. Beautiful work. It´s amazing how much of the story and drama is centered around cars in American films.

  3. It’s not just American films, but British TV series as well. If you are old enough do you remember Z Cars, the Professionals, Morse, No Hiding Place, etc, etc, all of these, and more, were instantly recognisable by their cars, Heartbeat is one of my favourites (for cars and motorbikes that is)!

  4. Just how did you create those unique figures…..?

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