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Ferrari F430 Challenge

February 8, 2016 in Automotive

Fujimi 24th scale kit with modified front end. Splitter and dive planes made from plastic card and Miliput. Eduard etch belts.

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10 responses to Ferrari F430 Challenge

  1. Neat work and nice presentation there, Robert.

  2. Stellar build, sir….outstanding work!

  3. ZOOM…ZOOM….that’s hot! Nice work Robert

  4. Thanks Guys for the positive comments.

  5. Nice! Was that a decal on the dive planes and splitter plate (if I’m calling the right things by the right names)? If not, how did you get that result?

  6. Hi Greg. The carbon fibre effect is Fantasy Print Shop 24th decal. Had a struggle getting it to conform, needed quite a lot of heat. This made it difficult on the thin plastic card used on the front as it could have distorted.

  7. Cool car! I raced against an F430 Scuderia on my bike at the Nurburgring. I was winning till we got to some corners!
    There’s some fantastic detail on this Robert. How did you get it so shiny?

  8. Robert,
    You did an excellent job on this. It looks almost real. Quite a beautiful car. I build for a gentleman and a short while ago he drove up in an F430. A 2006 with 5000 miles on it. I am talking him into letting me drive it.
    I looked back on your posts and I am very impressed with the quality of your work.

  9. Thanks Richard and Frank. The car is painted with Tamiya paint thinned with their own thinners. I usually use cellulose but I wanted to slow the drying process to give the paint time to level. It worked it took over a week to be hard enough to polish. I used Micro Mesh and Mer car polish to finish. If I do another shiny project I intend to try Zero paints.

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