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Freedom 7 by Dragon.

February 7, 2016 in Aviation

If you want to add a 1/72 scale rocket to your collection, I highly recommend this one. Very clean castings and excellent decals.

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12 responses to Freedom 7 by Dragon.

  1. Very nice looking build.

    Always enjoy space subjects

  2. Excellent build…..does the decal sheet offer other names besides the one you used?

  3. Don’t see much space exploration any more – thanks for this one! Looks very nice.

  4. Should be more rust, mud, chipped paint and rainmarks…;)

    Cool thing, more of those space machines, please. Guess if one wants a more weathered appearance one could do the capsule after ditching in the water. Burned paint would be fun to replicate.

  5. Great stuff, or should I say “The Right Stuff”. This is really neat Phil, and I remember this well, being a kid during this time. Really neat to see this!

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