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1/48 AMK Kfir C-2 Israeli AF

March 27, 2016 in Aviation

Just finished today. Just need to finsih weapons. This was a real enjoyable kit to build ! Pinted with tamiya paints weathered with Mig Dark Wash .Enjoy 🙂

Cheers Brian

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21 responses to 1/48 AMK Kfir C-2 Israeli AF

  1. Appears to be a pretty good-sized kit….nice job on the finish.

  2. Beautifully done as usual, Brian!! Love the weathering, subtle yet effective. A real beauty!!!

  3. Yes the weathering is so realistic, great detail.

  4. Brian, Excellent work on this. Looks great. Very realistic.

  5. Brian, this is a Goldie Locks build. Love the weathering on the underside and in the gear wellsl. Just enough soot and dirt to make you smell the JP fuel. Didn’t the U.S. lease a few Kfirs as adversarial a/c ? I think the Marines flew them. Your build would look good with a airport runway or a suitable back round.

    Two thumbs up, looking forward to your next build.

  6. Well up to your usual high standards, Brian, I especially love the finish you achieve on these jets.

  7. Nice variation on the standard low viz.

  8. Great looking build! I’ve got one of these to do, and was leaning toward the standard IDF 3-color camo, but really like the low vis scheme you did – may go that route instead.

    I have the Testors version of the Navy Aggressor that I built years ago (1/72). It looks good in that multi-tone grey/blue as well!

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