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1/48 Trumpeter Mig-23

March 2, 2016 in Aviation

So I have to say that I think I finished the 1/48 Trumpeter Mig-23. I’m pretty happy with it. I touched up a few things, added a little Mig European soil weathering pigment and attached the missiles. This was a fun kit to build (although a bit frustrating at the end, but I got over it). I used a lot of after-market stuff on this thing, and the most rewarding was the Aires resin seat and Eduard clothe seat belts. I’m not too keen on the Eduard self-sticking PE. The adhesive tends to slide around and doesn’t stick too well. I ended up removing it and using contact cement whenever there were flat surfaces to join such as the instruments and side panels. I really hate PE, but I used the Eduard resin/PE wheel well set, and that looks pretty nice. I built this for a group build and it took exactly 2 months to put together.

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21 responses to 1/48 Trumpeter Mig-23

  1. It turned out wonderfully….I love it! Nice work.

  2. Never ever depend on “self-sticking Eduard p-e. always glue it.

    Nice result. I hear this kit is “not as bad as the Hobbycraft kit.” Not much of a compliment.,

  3. Nice build and paint job.
    I really like all the nuances.

  4. An awesome looking Mig 23!! I have always regarded the Mig 23 as one of the better looking Russian fighters. Cuban flown Mig 23’s presented a serious threat to the SAAF during the Angolan conflict of the 1980’s. They posed a serious threat to SAAF Mirage F1AZ and F1CZ fighters. Well done. Your model looks great!!!

  5. Really nice work on that MiG. Fabulous job with airbrush, the camouflage looks amazing. What was the model like to build? Any snags, ill fitting parts?

  6. Nice finishes, George. Weathering looks very natural. A bit surprised no photos of resin seat etc as you mentioned how nice it was.

  7. That’s really a nice job George, especially the paint job. Well done.

  8. Gorgeous build! Love the weathering and paint work, and as mentioned, would love to see some detail in the cockpit, since you put some elbow grease into that. You can always add a few more pics… 🙂

  9. Beautiful Flogger, I love the finish – great work!

  10. Great looking M23 really like the paint.

  11. Nice work, love the paint job.

  12. I followed your WIP and it’s a treat to see the finished model here, great result after all your hard work.

  13. Great build that George, love the paintwork!

  14. Beautiful, George. I’m still new to the site, so I’m able to see this build from start to finish to Part Deux. The interior looks ready for a real pilot to strap into! Outstanding work!

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