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Almost there

March 26, 2016 in Aviation

Sorry for the quality of a couple of these, but figured I would do a quick update. Almost finished, she is a BIG plane and the landing gear doors almost did me in, but as I said almost there!

3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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13 responses to Almost there

  1. Very nice!
    What kit and scale? Looking forward to see her finished.

  2. S*** Hot ! , Can I take the first hop? ha ha, Love the airdale glass

  3. Hello Rob…That is looking mighty fine and I look forward to seeing her completed.

  4. Looks to be smooth and satin ie and that’s not the beer. A really neat personal model Rob. The build is smart,tight and professional at this stage.If you push a little harder and include a article and some more photos of you and your bird that will make for a interesting story. Keep up the good work.

  5. Very nice work, Rob….VERY nice!

  6. Thanks guys! Frederick, it is the 1/48 scale Kinetic kit with loads of mods that are detailed in my imodeller blog. It is an aircraft that I flew on (as a passenger/cargo) when I was the Leading Chief Petty Officer of Detachment 3, VRC 30 flying out of Baharain. Once finished I will do a re-cap of all the mods!

  7. She sure IS a thing of beauty!!! All that hard work has paid off big time. Well done Rob!!!

  8. I find my self looking for your progress report every time I log on, once again you have failed to disappoint, well done Rob, this is a great model.

  9. Just excellent! I don’t have a COD in the stash but do have a Hawkeye, and seeing your build finishing up is giving me the itch to start that E-2.

    As others have mentioned, a top notch and publishable build!

  10. Smart looking build, Rob. Very nice.

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