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Aussie Aussie Aussie. :) My 1/48 Amt RAAF Db-7 Boston

March 13, 2016 in Aviation

Stationed in New Guinea. It passed through Archerfield airport in Brisbane, where I live 5 mins from now.
Nice to do a local boy. Lol. More RAAF subjects to come.
Hope you like.
Replacement engine cowlings and trop filters for the RAAF and Red Roo decals.

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27 responses to Aussie Aussie Aussie. :) My 1/48 Amt RAAF Db-7 Boston

  1. Wow, great job, that’s one you don’t see too often. Bring on more RAAF!

  2. Nicely done, Paul….did you really need all that lead weight in the nose, or was it a case of “..better to have too much than not enough…” ?

  3. Nice job. As Robert mentioned, not a subject we see too often. Oddly, at the recent East of England show a guy walked by with one of these kits under his arm. I remarked at the time that not many Bostons are seen on the tables (not sure if it was AMT).

  4. Great work Paul. She looks amazing. Hope to see an RAAF Beaufighter soon.

  5. Nice job Paul, one of my favorite subjects. I’ve built 4 of them to date with 2 more to go.

  6. Oi, oi, oi. Nice looking bird, Paul.

  7. The Boston was a very good aircraft that performed very well in several roles. Somehow it has been forgotten by modellers. I’m working on one myself.
    Thanks for posting.

  8. Sweet looking Aussie bird

  9. Paul, did you do anything about the wierd tread pattern on the models tires?
    An underrated aircraft, which served thru the war in many roles, generally successfully.

  10. Just sanded them a little. 🙂

  11. Great looking Boston, and love seeing RAAF colors/markings.

    I also love the Boston/Havoc. Built one and need to build at least another. Great book by a Havoc pilot in the Pacific theater: Wreaking Havoc

  12. Nice looking and a little unusual, thanks for sharing it with us, your enthusiasm for the subject really shows through.

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