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Bf 108 Taifun in Swiss AF (Eduard 1/48)

March 17, 2016 in Aviation

This aircraft was originally designed as a sport and touring aircraft, and during the WWII, it was also used for personnel transport and liaison purposes. A prototype of my build was used by Swiss AF during WWII.

Kit quality is not excellent (as I expected from Eduard), but anyway – it’s quite good. Decals from Kora Models. Base color – Tamiya acrylics, weathered with oils and pigments.

Hope you’ll like it!

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12 responses to Bf 108 Taifun in Swiss AF (Eduard 1/48)

  1. Nice little build…..I like it.

  2. Beautifully detailed… didn’t these fill in for me-109s in some old WW 2 movie?

  3. The French built them postwar, as the MS Pinguin, or somesuch. They played Me-109s in Longest Day and 633 Squadron, to name a couple of movies. I thought “Pips” Priller and his wingman were flying FW-190s on D-day. Of course, I’m being pedantic, again.

  4. Great job on this model!

    If I recall one of these was also used in one of my favorite movies ever, “The Great Escape”

    I wonder what the purpose of the unusual prop spinner is on this version

  5. I wonder if any survive today. what an unusual warbird to have.

  6. Whatever its film career might have been, it makes for an interesting and unusual model, very neat job as well.

  7. Great looking model – looks very nice in Swiss colors.

  8. A Great build indeed, Well done

  9. Beautiful build, its not the newest mold from Eduard but it can be turned into a stunning result as yours.

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