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Hasegawa 1:48 Scale, Aichi D3A1, Type 99, Carrier Bomber, ‘Val’

March 27, 2016 in Aviation

After seeing Terry’s beautiful D3A2 model posted yesterday, I thought I’d stick my neck out with one I had built a few years back. It’s a terrific model, that fits well, and a subject that really needed to be updated, considering that the only option we had before was the Fujimi kit.

Before the arrows start flying, YES I know the panel lines are WAY to overstated. I goofed by using too dark a mixture when I built her. The next one will be a lot lighter, I promise. The model represents an aircraft that attacked Pearl Harbor. It was from the 16th Attack Unit, 2nd Division, and was the 1st Aircraft, flown by Lt. Tomatsu Ema, (Pilot) with W/O Azuma, (Gunner). Lt. Ema, in EII-235, flew from the deck of HMIJS Zuikaku, participated in dive bombing attacks on Wheeler Field in the first wave on 7 December, 1941.

Bottom line is, I enjoyed the model, seeing Terry’s build is giving me that itch to build another one, (Thanks Terry), and if you have one and are thinking about it, give her a whirl, it’s a really nice kit…but I said that already…I’m being redundant…again..

Happy Easter to all that applies to,

Best Regards

Freddie from LI

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15 responses to Hasegawa 1:48 Scale, Aichi D3A1, Type 99, Carrier Bomber, ‘Val’

  1. Frederick, I guess we have started Val week. Nice work here. The first one I built was also in a similar scheme you chose here. I personally don’t think your panel lines are too dark. When I do light colored paint schemes I try to pre-shade the panel lines first, then paint over them, I find this helps tone them down some. Looks Good, I like it !

  2. Panel lines notwithstanding, I like it. It looks like a fine build from here! Now let’s see if THIS brings any unwanted comments from the resident naysayer. I’d say not – (given the responses to Terry’s offering). Good work, sir.

  3. Tora Tora Tora

    Nice build gotta finish my ion version

  4. Not ion supposed to be oob

  5. No arrows from me. Great build and paint job.

  6. Looks pretty neat from here.

  7. Banzai !. Head for the slit trenches. looks good to me, Good Easter to you sir.

  8. Very nice indeed, I like it.

  9. Great build. Still looks good despite the stark panel lines, but heh, if we never experimented with techniques, colors, etc., how the heck would be ever get better?! I appreciate you being willing to post even though you thought it “not up to snuff.” Looks great in my book!

  10. Freddy, another vote for a great build. Looks the bidiness, as us Baltimorons say.

  11. Thank you everybody, for your, “Atta-boys” and comments. Now I just have to budget the time to build another one! Maybe camo this time?

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