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Italeri 1/48th Westland Wessex HAS 3

March 25, 2016 in Aviation

The Wessex has long held a great deal of interest for me and was a mainstay of the Fleet Air Arm for several years.

My father spent many years working on them as a Air Fitter and ended up a CPO. Many happy memories of a boyhood spent around Navy bases and these aircraft.

The Italeri series of the Wessex are an enjoyable build and I aim to complete the full selection of HAS 1, HAS 3 and HU 5, all from the Royal Navy.

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22 responses to Italeri 1/48th Westland Wessex HAS 3

  1. Nicely done, sir….”whirly things” are a welcome change of pace.

  2. Very nice presentation, Mark, with a dramatic livery. Noy’s Miniatures do a modern helipad printed base sheet for about £8 (NM40811). I think Hannants carry it, if of interest.

  3. This by far the most attractive scheme ever applied to a helicopter. I have the Revell 1/48 in the stash. Yours have persuaded me to get mine out of the stash. Well done!!!

  4. Like RN Wessex helis..

  5. Great job.Love the color scheme

  6. Great looking build, and as mentioned, a really striking color scheme.

    • Thanks Greg. The old Royal Navy anti-submarine scheme does look attractive.

      Preferred it to the dark grey overall of the ‘Humphrey’ scheme, despite the history of that airframe.

  7. Mark, she’s a beauty. Nice clean build, marvelous paint job. Looks the business, to be sure.

  8. Very attractive, Mark, and well executed. I, too, have a fondness for the Wessex, my only air experience in a helicopter was in a RAF version many years ago.

  9. Nice work Mark, really nice build, very eye catching paint scheme. Good-good job !

  10. That’s sharp, Mark! I’ve got a Wessex in queue that will be done as the famous “Humphrey” later this year.

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