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Mig alley

March 7, 2016 in Aviation

Just in case you thought all I did was navy stuff. Some hot and cold war Migs. Mig 27 Hasegawa. Mig-21 Lindberg/imc. Mig -19 KP, Mig-17 Hasegawa. Mig-15UTI KP. SA-2 Flying telephone pole Gran’ Ltd?
One note , You really can’t tell but the Lindberg/imc was given a ejection seat/cockpit and exhaust can donated from an airfix Tornado.

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11 responses to Mig alley

  1. Nice collection of Sparrow drones!

  2. Sir scramble alert goes off pilots head for their f86 sabers,phantoms, and f15’s,

    Nice collection og migs

  3. Air not sir, phone being spastic again

  4. Nice work. That reminds me of my Warpac shelf back in the 70s. All of those kits were on it except the SAM!

  5. Nice set of migs and the missile

  6. Nice collection there Robert.

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