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Monogram P-47D Passionate Patsy

March 22, 2016 in Aviation

This is the OLD and I mean OLD 1969 release of the famous Monogram P-47D my favorite WW2 aircraft. OOB finished with Alclad and Tamiya. Zotz decals.


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14 responses to Monogram P-47D Passionate Patsy

  1. Yet another Monogram ‘classic’….good job!

  2. Simply marvelous ! I’m running out superlatives for your great work.

  3. Nice jugs…er… I mean Jug… yeah that’s it…. Seriously excellent work. Especially like the panel line post-shading. You have your airbrush well under control. $64,000 question- which is more tempermental/easier to control…. an airbrush or a female human?

  4. Ok so I said I was only going to comment on the T-33, but you do wonderful things with these old Monogram kits, always my favorites as a boy and they so often get overlooked now. Good job man!

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments. This is my favorite kit and I snatch them up whenever I can. Raised panel lines don’t bother me at all!


  6. Nice work Andy – even though they are old – they still build up very nicely – even compared to modern kits – nice to see – thanks!

  7. Another nice finish. So within what time window did you finish all these you posted recently – you been saving up!

    By the way, would love to see some more “up close and personal” photos – shots of some of the detail areas, etc.

  8. Love 4 blades really nice

  9. Who says a new tune can’t be played on an old fiddle!! Great Jug. Well done!!!

  10. Very nice work on the paint and weathering ..Im not exactly a military modeler but this one is very nice..also I am partial to the p47s because I had an RC p47 that I loved flying over most of my other planes..

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