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more old stuff

March 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

Two photos I found of builds I did years ago [the models did not survive] The F-4H I converted using the airfix kit, cutting down the nose of their ‘E’ option. The other ThIng is supposed to be some kind space fighter, Its part Hasegawa F-106 nose & wings, UPC/Entex 1/48 F-4 fuel tanks & engines, and some other misc. parts, Believe me guys I am working on new builds. I’m just in a little slow mo funk right now.

1 additional image.

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6 responses to more old stuff

  1. Sometimes a look back provides incentive to move forward!

  2. I like the space fighter! Now I remember the engine(s) from the UPC.
    Hope you get thru the modeling doldrums, mine seem to alternate, like some polystyrine up and downs. I’m sure there’s some involved word to describe it, involving lots of $$$ to cure. Or serious additions to the rampaging stash… Hey, that’s it!

  3. Remembered the build when you mentioned the kit in the other forum. I did make some headway today with a couple of builds, thanks.

  4. It’ll be good to see some recent stuff as well, Robert, but these old builds are interesting.

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