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same thunderbird new and old

March 31, 2016 in Automotive

the shiny yellow one is how it looked new in 71
the old beat up rusty one is how it looks now

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10 responses to same thunderbird new and old

  1. Great models. I had a hard time realizing they were models.

    Any relation between that vehicle and a Thunderbird was purely coincidental. Step One of the long dark 70s for Fix Or Repair Daily.

    Of course, the new one is a “Thunderbird” only if you’re a designer young enough to have no clue what a thunderbird ever was. Which is why I think you don’t see them any more.

  2. Cool ! always love your beaters.

  3. The bane of all too many Fords: RUST… and you got every place where they get it. Great job!

  4. Cool.
    i used to watch the series all the time. Nice job

  5. You’ve got a nice touch with the beat-up rusty look.

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