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Tamiya´s SU 122 off to a new home

March 29, 2016 in Armor

Decided to get rid of some models I have had for a long time, they will now go to a new home. The brown/green/black is a WhIF in Swedish camouflage and markings, as if used in the 1940s. The second one is painted using an illustration as inspiration. Never seen it done like this before by anyone else. The Soviet SU 122 is one of the coolest looking machines ever. I can´t help but think that a turret less tank or assault gun is looking more threatening and evil.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge

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14 responses to Tamiya´s SU 122 off to a new home

  1. Nice work on both. Your right, something about this style that gives it an evil look. What a real beast !

  2. Thanks, Terry. I also like the Jagdpanther wich is possibly the ultimate in cool turret less tracked vehicles.

  3. Nice work, and I agree – they are rather brutish looking!

  4. You do some nice work on your tracked vehicles AND the paint schemes, Stellan. Those are some outstanding completions. Where is the “new home” you’re shippin’ ’em off to? if you ever decide to “rotate the stock” again, I’ll give you MY address! LOL 🙂

    • Thanks, very kind of you, Craig. Haha, they stay incountry in southern part of Sweden. Had a bunch that I felt might be better loved someplace else rather than me chucking them. As long as the reciever pays for postage I don´t mind parting with old loves.

  5. Hmm I had a fragment of a memory I had seen this camouflage as an alternative in Tamiya´s SU 122 in 1/48, and I was right ! I think I will get one of those to replace the old model.

  6. Nice work Stellan great to see these photos

  7. Mean looking vehicles. Done expertly.

  8. That isn’t no girly tank(s).
    Really cool looking

  9. Nice build Stellan! I have to agree, that is one mean looking SPG…

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