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Trumpeter 48th F-106B

March 25, 2016 in Aviation

A long time back, before the B-model was available, I’d done the Monogram F-106A in a NASA NMF scheme (see attached). When the Trumpeter “B” came out, I told myself I was gonna try to replicate one of my favorite photos (also attached) of the Mercury 7 in front of their -106. Well, I cobbled together what decals I could in order to come as close as possible to the famous pic. I even contemplated trying to do “the pose” with seven pilot figures. Not only did I have little/no luck finding appropriate poses and correct garb,and had I found something to use, I would have probably thought better of it since I suck at painting figures. At any rate, here it is, in all it’s [un-glorious] splendor. Now it’s on to the F-4 group build kicked off by Greg – I think I can “get her done” by the deadline…..this one (pic).

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37 responses to Trumpeter 48th F-106B

  1. Craig, always enjoy a nice 106, I still remember seeing these being flown by our local ANG when I was a kid. I really like the yellow on the canopy frame. Is that painted on ?

  2. Very, very nice, Craig. Your stuff always inspires.

  3. Those are looling great Craig!
    California Steve

  4. OK Looking not looling.. Been a long week.

  5. Beautiful build, beautiful bird. Sixes would occasionally fly into NAS Oceana Va. I think they were out of Langley AFB.

  6. Craig, fine build! Is there a weapons bay, as on the Monogram, with missiles? I always found two seat versions of Century Series fighters appealing. And not usually kitted, either.

  7. Undoubtedly the most beautiful interceptor that ADC / NORAD had in its inventory. I think Convair did a much better job with the two seater F 106 than with the F 102 two seater monstrosity. You did an awesome job on this kit. Well done!!! Good luck with that F 4.

  8. Nicely done Craig…both the Darts look fine and the natural metal finish on the ‘A’ looks quite authentic. Good photography too !!

  9. Very neat work, Craig, and it’s a very sleek looking plane, especially the two seater version, your paintwork brings out the lines of the prototype beautifully.

  10. Nice work Craig. If you find some figures that work, I volunteer to paint one of them for you.

  11. Very nice Dart(s)! Love those century series birds. I like the two-seater. I’ve got a single in the stash, but not sure if I’ve seen the dual in 1/72.

  12. Nice pair, Craig. Keep up the good work.

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