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Valley Con 2016 — the Feature Film

March 14, 2016 in Show Reports

We are changing the concept of contests in the Southwest USA…
If you could’nt make it….enjoy !!!

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6 responses to Valley Con 2016 — the Feature Film

  1. George, thanks for posting this. Beautifully done, wish I could have gone. Lot of inspiration there.

  2. thanks George – great to see!

  3. The models looks great, what I could see that is, why can’t you post them onto iModeler like everyone else?

  4. Looks like a great show/contest coming up! Hope to see a report-in-pictures when done! Our contest is April 9th, so I’ll post up a report once I get the pics back from our photographer.

  5. George, great way to check out the show, and to get me interested in maybe a future visit.

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