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1:350th Academy BISMARCK

April 14, 2016 in Ships

Built straight from the box, using grey and red oxide “rattlecans” and brushes. Searchlights were enhanced using some crafters “crystal embelishments”…happy with the result considering i’ve been away from modelling for about 20 years.

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7 responses to 1:350th Academy BISMARCK

  1. “Happy” with the results, sir….? You should ecstatic! Especially after a 20 year hiatus. Nice work.

  2. A fine build, looks great.

  3. A big project to take on after a twenty year break, but you’ve finished it, and finished it well. What’s next?

  4. Never too late to return to the hobby! Good looking floaty thing to get you back in!

  5. Nice and clean, Tony. Well done.

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