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1/48 Revell Dornier Do-217E-5

April 4, 2016 in Aviation

Hello Folks

This time my latest completed model Dornier Do-217E-5 from Revell in 1/48th scale.
This kit was done in 4./KG 100 6N+KM Cognac France 1943 livery.
Hole aircraft was painted using RLM65 from Gunze and for the first time Mr. Paint colors for RLM73 RLM72. I have to say this paints are really nice, they spray beautifully from the bottle no need to thin them. Only after market bits used were PE seat belts from Eduard dedicated to the Luftwaffe bombers and resin exhausts. Usually weathering was done using different enamel washes from Tamiya as well as pigments. For the mottling camouflage I first time used Airwaves PE mottling templates. Here is the gallery.
Hope you will like it.


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10 responses to 1/48 Revell Dornier Do-217E-5

  1. Really nice Michal, excellent paint work!, Your little touch of weathering looks really good and just about right-on. I also have to add that your photography is very well done.

  2. Beautiful kit and painting, as impressive as your F84 !

  3. A fine build, the mottling came out beautiful.

  4. Hello Michal…Very nicely done and fine photography too.

  5. Very nicely done! Great paintwork, finish and weathering are nice, and as mentioned, great photography also!

  6. Excellent work… of the best I’ve seen. Bravo, sir.

  7. Very good looking model. It’s one I’ve got in the stash and look forward to doing as some point. How did you enjoy the build?

  8. Excellent job on a kit you never really see built! Love the paint too! Great job Michal!!

  9. Very nice build and overall finishing result. I love the shape/size/distribution of the mottles, but have to say the edges of same are a tad hard (BUT that is speaking in generalities…. you may have photos to back up those well defined random shapes). Overall finish seems slightly shiny to my (ancient) eyes but nice and smooth. All in all, a great looking ‘pencil’! Thanks for posting!

  10. Very well done, especially the finish and gentle weathering.

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