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1/72 Monogram F7F- COIN

April 1, 2016 in Aviation

Something I did a few years ago, Snakeyes and gun pod came from Monogram F-4, rocket pods from Heller T-28, AIM-9’s from spare parts box, fuel tanks from Hasegawa T-33, seat- Airfix Tornado. Not sure about the decals but they are S. Vietnam AF. Didn’t put enough nose wt. had to prop it up. Always loved the look of this bird’s elegant lines.

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11 responses to 1/72 Monogram F7F- COIN

  1. The epitome of “kit-bashing” under-wing stores…it works. You’ve hidden the nose weight issue well (I can’t see where you ‘propped it up’). SEA camo nicely done, too.

  2. Tanks,[ look for the little divot on the rear of the gun pod]

  3. The Tigercat is my favourite Grumman Propcat. I am currently busy doing a Korean War Tigercat in 1/48. You did an awesome job on this what if Tigercat. Well done!!!

  4. You have to admire such neat work in 1/72 scale, there can’t have been much room to put any weight in.

  5. Thanks all , now just imagine it with turbo-props. hmm.

  6. That would be very interesting, turbo cat

  7. Nice looking fantasy machine!

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