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707 320 C, A20-624 33 Sqn RAAF Richmond NSW 1991.

April 13, 2016 in Aviation

My only 707, 1/72 Heller, with Ron’s Resin fueling pods and my own camera under the tail, I filled the cabin windows with Tamiya X22, sanding and filling till they were smooth so the decal would sit flat, finished in Model Master enamels, Roodecal and Future.

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8 responses to 707 320 C, A20-624 33 Sqn RAAF Richmond NSW 1991.

  1. Nicely done, sir….a venerable ‘old’ bird, the 707.

  2. Looks good! Pretty big bird. Not sure I want to tackle that even at 1/72! Just don’t have the room to store it.

  3. Beautiful build on a graceful plane.

  4. Looks just as good in the pictures as in the flesh! Did not realise the camera pod was scratch built.

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