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Aurora/Monogram Sherman

April 1, 2016 in Armor

This is Monograms reissue of aurora’s 1/48 M-4 Sherman, it came in a combo kit with Monograms 1/48 Fw-190.
Being not much of an armor guy I wasn’t sure how to detail it, Having lost the decal sheet, I was going to try for the tank from the movie Fury, but I got lazy. Instead with the recent passing of Keith Emerson of ELP , I named the tank after the album Tarkus. I know this is a little out there but what the heck.

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16 responses to Aurora/Monogram Sherman

  1. Not bad….not bad – now for a little (or a lot) application of weathering powders if ya got ’em and you’ll be good to go. Remember, unless they just rolled outta the factory, tanks ain’t clean. The build itself looks good.

  2. Nice (gettit?) tribute to a fine musician! I saw him play a couple of times, really outstanding. Now get to work with those weathering powders.

  3. [Gotit] ,Saw them in Norfolk Va. I think 1977. Have to work on the weathering otherwise I’d have make a diorama of a factory ugh !

  4. Nice Robert, Tanks are cool, and you’ve done a good job on building this. I think it would look good in a little display case in an office or den !

  5. Needs to be dirty it’s armour .
    Nice build but needs mud hehehe

  6. Just came off the wash rack, there’s gonna be an inspection!

  7. Nice work. I built all of those Aurora kits when I first got into modeling. Loved them. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Got the M-109 Paladin , it’s basically done, not sure how to finish it.

  9. Actually I think ‘Tarkus’ works for a Sherman!

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