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Lockheed C 130 J 30 Hercules, A97-464, 37 Sqn RAAF Richmond NSW 2001.

April 5, 2016 in Aviation

1/72 Italeri, my second C130, with my own fuselage and side pod extensions, I also extended the cargo floor, made my own spinners, re-profiled the engine cowls, modified the exhausts with plastic tube, moved the outer engines forward to line up with the inner engines, finished in Model Master enamels with Hawkeye decals, Future and Humbrol Matt Cote. pic’s 10, 11, aircraft modeled, in a later scheme, taken at HMAS Albatross Nowra in 2008. My thanks to Phill Badger for his help with reference material.

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19 responses to Lockheed C 130 J 30 Hercules, A97-464, 37 Sqn RAAF Richmond NSW 2001.

  1. Outstanding build, Allan…..but we need more pictures! lol
    Welcome to iModeler….this site is also outstanding (as you’ll come to find).

  2. Well done, Yes, MORE Pictures.
    Looks really good.

  3. A Hercules in any scale looks impressive, so this is great. But, we’d like some more info about the build, especially “your own” fuselage and sidepod extensions, and, yes, some more photographs wouldn’t go amiss either. Great first posting, looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Welcome – and great-looking Herc!

  5. FANTASTIC. Would love to see more photos of this model. Welcome to a great site!!

  6. Great job! your own extensions? Wow.

  7. Thanks to everyone for your welcoming comments, there will be more photos, info and models to add.

  8. Good to see you here Allan. A superb first posting & yes; don’t be bashful with the photos, your work deserves more exposure.

  9. Very nice work on this. Welcome to the best model club on the planet.

  10. Such a nice build Allan, did not realise you made the extensions yourself. They look very nice
    Do you have any sets left? I have a couple of -30s I want to build.

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