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Gaggle of P-40’s 1/72 scale

April 14, 2016 in Aviation

1- Academy P-40B Flying Tiger, 2- Airmodel P-37 made up unit , 3- Airfix P-40E unknown Canadian unit.
4- Academy P-40M “Sue” 51st. F.G.,CBI. 5- MPM P-40F 33rd F.G. Morocco. 6-Hasegawa/conv. TP40N no unit.
Love P-40’s, have a E,K,and Q in my stash.

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9 responses to Gaggle of P-40’s 1/72 scale

  1. Nice “gaggle” collection, sir.

  2. Craig took the words right out of my mouth, is “gaggle” the official term for a group of P40s?

  3. Great collection Robert good to see a P 40 in plain aluminium finish!

  4. Great-looking set of P-40’s. Has such an iconic look – one of my fav’s as well. Never seen the P-37 – that’s an unusual looking duck!

  5. Robert, great collection. Love the P-37, must have been a joy taking off and landing, with that loooong nose blocking the forward view. I can’t recall ever seeing one built before, so even better. Now I want one! Rats!

    • This is an old vacuform conversion kit ,I used the wings ,gear and canopy from an old heller p-36 , the supplied vacu. canopy was to brittle to use, that’s why the fit is poor. Don’t want to do another vacuform kit!

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