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Gaggle of P-40’s 1/72 scale

April 14, 2016 in Aviation

1- Academy P-40B Flying Tiger, 2- Airmodel P-37 made up unit , 3- Airfix P-40E unknown Canadian unit.
4- Academy P-40M “Sue” 51st. F.G.,CBI. 5- MPM P-40F 33rd F.G. Morocco. 6-Hasegawa/conv. TP40N no unit.
Love P-40’s, have a E,K,and Q in my stash.

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10 responses to Gaggle of P-40’s 1/72 scale

  1. Nice “gaggle” collection, sir.

  2. Craig took the words right out of my mouth, is “gaggle” the official term for a group of P40s?

  3. Great collection Robert good to see a P 40 in plain aluminium finish!

  4. Great-looking set of P-40’s. Has such an iconic look – one of my fav’s as well. Never seen the P-37 – that’s an unusual looking duck!

  5. Robert, great collection. Love the P-37, must have been a joy taking off and landing, with that loooong nose blocking the forward view. I can’t recall ever seeing one built before, so even better. Now I want one! Rats!

    • This is an old vacuform conversion kit ,I used the wings ,gear and canopy from an old heller p-36 , the supplied vacu. canopy was to brittle to use, that’s why the fit is poor. Don’t want to do another vacuform kit!

  6. All nicely done Robert, vacuform and resin are such fun !

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