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April 23, 2016 in Diorama

Sikorsky HUS-1L, VX-6 BuNo.xxx657 King Pin II Scale 1:72

When I saw the decals sheet made by Max Decals I had to build this machine by using kit from Italeri. I used some PE parts from Eduard and scratch build the additional tank including the frame. The beautiful figures are from Mark Brown. Frosty and his somewhat smaller friend are scratch build.

Have fun with my pictures


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16 responses to Hijackers?

  1. I like it….what ya use for the snow & ice? Looks perfect!

  2. A light-hearted approach – makes a nice change.

  3. and Frosty is off to the land of misfit modelers…. Very whimsical.

  4. Really unique and amusing.

  5. Nice idea! Lovely diorama. Like it very much.

  6. Well done and imaginative diorama. The snow is really good, what did you use? Antartic orange schemes have been a favorite since the old Revell 48ish H-19.

  7. Great idea! The snow is really good! What did You use?

  8. Great idea, looks fantastic gives me the shivers the snow looks so real!

  9. Great work, a lot of creative thought has gone into this diorama.
    Well done mate.

  10. Excellent! Very fun idea and great job getting realistic looking snow. I’m curious like most of the others how you made the snow…

    Great looking build on the model also. All that snow really sets off the orange scheme.

  11. Hey, where’s Father Christmas? Oh, sorry, I forgot, this is the South Pole. I wonder if Father Christmas has ever met a penguin? Great work by the way, Rene!

  12. Hi there,
    most of all, thanks to all for the kind words. Building this little dio was quite some fun and I will certainly try to build something else in the near future.
    To answer the main question what I used for the snow, it was a very simple but very helpful product called Podersnow, by Noch Art No.
    8750. I think the real trick which did it was the fact that I used a simple sieve to add this “Snow” to the model. The result is really convincing as you can see.
    Cheers to all

  13. Excellent scenery.
    The whole diorama made a great impression on me.
    The figurines are available in the shops!

  14. Rene, I meant to suggest that this would make a really good Christmas card.
    Think you can find a Santa figure?
    I see commercial potential!
    Let me know, I’ll buy some!

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