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More cars! mopar never go far- Volare and Dodge pickup

April 14, 2016 in Automotive

You lit the fire Tony V.
I managed to complete the Plymouth Volare before my F-4, It came with the Road runner package with a 360. but me being a past owner of four different cars with the slant six 225 well, I down graded it to a plain jane. The kit is an old mpc
The dodge truck depicts an atypical duty truck that might be assigned to a squadron back at its air station, I did the truck a while ago but never really finished it, Its been languishing in my garage needing rescue. The truck is AMT.

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13 responses to More cars! mopar never go far- Volare and Dodge pickup

  1. 1-1975 duster, 2-1974 scamp, 3 1980 volare 4-door , 4-1980 dodge aspen wagon. all at different times with the slant six.

  2. Base engine was the 225 inline slant six. Even the Dodge p/u D-100 would’ve had the slant six in it as well. Nice to see a couple of daily drivers. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What’s a “slant six”, do you mean a straight six, like the Jaguar XK-E engine?

  4. Nice – really like the truck! Nice work on them.

  5. Very cool model.. nice to see something different

  6. I like them both. Depending on my dependable Dodge? My late Father was a Dodge guy. I’m the heretic in the outfit, first Ford, then Nissan.
    Great idea making it a Navy pick-’em-up.

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