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Moson Model Show 2016 – Part 8 (1/48 to 1/24 scale aircraft, contd.)

April 17, 2016 in Show Reports

Here’s even more aircraft models on display at the 2016 Moson Model Show….

Feel free to comment on and discuss your favorites.

Don’t forget to check back at iModeler for all the forthcoming other parts of this coverage from the 2016 Moson Model Show – additional galleries will be published during the day. If your are new to iModeler, feel free to register and add your own comment to this gallery.

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4 responses to Moson Model Show 2016 – Part 8 (1/48 to 1/24 scale aircraft, contd.)

  1. Excellent builts. A few interesting exotics – it seems to me much less than in the military section.
    What I notice rather often (not allways) in both sections: the modelers spent hours in refining and weathering “their” main object, but the figures, that they join in the Dioramas, look like, if they had spent only “10 minutes” on painting them (no shading of faces etc.).
    For me this “destroys” the good Impression of the main model. In those cases it would have been better to leave the figures away.

  2. Outstanding show….thanks again for posting your pics.

  3. @Hans Wilhelm: You are correct, the choice of subjects in the aviation sections was somewhat more… predictable. In particular, I can’t remember seeing any large-scale scratchbuilt aircraft this year.

    You may be also right about the figures, but honestly it’s nothing that I have noted.

    • Yes You are absolutely right Martin. I have a feeling that the strict evaluation push people to choice the best available kit (for their interest naturally) and try to make that as spectacular as possible because this is the best practice if someone wants to achieve award. It is just my personal opinion of course, but I’m in the hobby long enough to know that if You work with an old/not too good kit – or even worse You scratch build – You have more chance to make tiny mistakes which spoils Your final score because jury searching for them – again it is strictly personal. Some years ago there were special categories for example for scratch built subjects. I’m still thinking that scrathing an aeroplane and building a Tamiya kit is not the same sport (both can be great naturally) 🙂

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