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My brief plunge into “Armor”

April 8, 2016 in Armor

All of these are Tamiya 1/35 scale kits: Ford GPA Amphibious Jeep, Willy’s Jeep, M3 Lee, Military Police Motorcycle and Police Officer and M3 Stuart Light Tank. All were built straight from the box and lightly weathered. The tank commander pictured with the Stuart was an aftermarket figure, but for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the company

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4 responses to My brief plunge into “Armor”

  1. Very nice work considering it was a “brief plunge”….the figure painting is outstanding as well.

  2. Inspirational collection, the figures are great, would love to see a 1/48 M-3 Lee, reasonably priced of course.

  3. Frank, nice collection, nicely done.
    Tamiya turns out some nice 1/48th, most recently the Horch personnel carrier. Finally, a gasoline tanker, be nice to have a bomb loading truck.
    My preferred scale, to go with the airplanes.
    Maybe a Stuart/Honey, most definately an M3 halftrack, with the quad 50s.

  4. Those Tamiya armour kits are great, aren’t they, and make very satisfactory models which come to life with a little weathering like you’ve done here.

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