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Noreastcon 45, LISMS 4/30/16

April 30, 2016 in Show Reports

Just a few shots of the model show on Long Island, held this year at the Museum of American Armor at Bethpage Long Island N.Y.

13 additional images. Click to enlarge

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6 responses to Noreastcon 45, LISMS 4/30/16

  1. NICE….! We want MORE….lol

  2. Robert, what scale is the airport scene? Thanks for posting these, some nice work there.

  3. Not sure, probably 1/144 or 1/200

  4. Nice Venue for a model show. I may have to put that on my to-do vacation list (just have to convince my wife). Thanks for sharing Robert.

  5. Looks like a nice show, Robert, shame you don’t have more pictures!

  6. Some familiar subjects here, but well presented. The ‘Psycho’ house looks particularly inventive.

    Thanks for posting.

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