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Lockheed P 3B Orion, A9-299, 11 Sqn RAAF Edinburgh SA 1976.

April 6, 2016 in Aviation

1/72 Hasegawa, my first P3, with my own search light from alloy and perspex photo 8, I also deepened the undercarriage bays, filled a couple of windows and most of the sonobuoy chutes, antennae and static dischargers added, finished in Model Master enamels with a mix of Aussie decals and Future. This aircraft returned to Lockheed in 1983 to be converted to the AEW&C prototype as N91LC.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge

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12 responses to Lockheed P 3B Orion, A9-299, 11 Sqn RAAF Edinburgh SA 1976.

  1. Yes indeed. A true masterpiece. There’s something about an Orion. Thanks for posting. Just beautiful Allan.

  2. You obviously like these big birds, Allan, and have presented us with yet another superb model.

  3. Outstanding work, Allan, but you need to stop teasing us with just one pic). 🙁

  4. Another nice build – and what Craig said – more pics!!

  5. Great stuff, I am currently building A9-300 and I have picked up some small details I missed! Thanks for sharing you builds here Allan.

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