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Remains of an empire

April 22, 2016 in Diorama

Remains of an empire

It depicts a Japanese transport ship (or what is left of it) beached at one of the many islands in the pacific. The crew of a US Navy DUKW is watching the whole scene in awe, while some Marines search for some trophies or souvenirs.
With the exception of the 2 trucks and some of the figures the entire dio is scratch build in the scale of 1:72

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11 responses to Remains of an empire

  1. Now that is awesome. Great concept and execution. How did you come up with the idea? A winner in every aspect.

  2. fabulous concept Rene and superbly executed

  3. Spectacular work, Rene…(that’s what I should do with MY ship-building abortions) – lol
    Beautifully crafted…kudos to YOU. 🙂

  4. Very ingenious, Rene. The ship is undoubtedly the star – looks like something from Industria Mechanika!

  5. That is art my friend very nice!

  6. STUNNING !!!! I like this diorama very much. It reminds me of a photo I have seen of a Japanese merchant vessel that was marooned on Guadalcanal. Well done Rene and thanks for sharing this.

  7. Excellent project, and just a beautifully done dio! Love the detail you’ve put into it. Well done!

  8. Beautifully done. the ship is fantastic

  9. Fantastic, at first I thought it was one of the Moson show’s postings!

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