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The Batmobile

April 11, 2016 in Sci-fi

This I did way back when the 1980’s Batman was popular, this is the ’60s version. I used revel’s 1/24 Lincoln Futura kit, sheet plastic& filler, and after market wheels/tires. As it turns out there was a conversion kit available a short time after.

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8 responses to The Batmobile

  1. If I’m not mistaken, that was another of George Barris’ creations, wasn’t it?

  2. Along with the Munster’s hot rod I think.

  3. Cool, Robert, cool……….

  4. Robert, this is cool and very well done, especially the creativity it took to pull it off. Now, being I grew up in the last part of the “American Graffiti” era I have to say, wouldn’t it be fun to roll this out of your garage and go cruisin in it ?

  5. Conversion kit, what’s the fun in that! You did it the “elbow grease and ingenuity” way! Can’t get any better than that!
    I remember parading in my Batman costume in the first grade in the annual Longfellow Elementary School Halloween parade (nope – no photos will appear here!)

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