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DHA Vampire T 35, A79-637, Telstars, CFS RAAF East Sale Vic 1966.

April 11, 2016 in Aviation

1/72 Airfix, my third Vampire, I fitted nav’ lights and antennae, finished in Model Master enamels with Future over kit and Daves decals.

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10 responses to DHA Vampire T 35, A79-637, Telstars, CFS RAAF East Sale Vic 1966.

  1. I love jets of this era, and this Vampire looks great, you’ve captured the way they sat very well, although she looks as though she might be a little heavy on the tail……….

  2. Nice! I also love these older jets.

  3. Again, nice -lookin’ build, Allan. I like how they decided to forego the “no step” stencil and merely printed “KEEP OFF” – love those Brits. 🙂

  4. Another fine build of good looking aircraft. I’ve been noticing your tarmac, very convincing.

  5. Allan, like those aerobatic teams, huh? Good stuff! I actually got to see one of these spool up and taxi out to take off. Noisy as all get out!
    Great job on a really nice kit. I was real glad when it came out.

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