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Golden Demon Awards 2016

May 15, 2016 in Show Reports

Not to everyone’s taste, perhaps, but this annual painting exhibition of 28mm fantasy figures is something to behold.

Check out the top selections, courtesy of the artist Volomir.

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6 responses to Golden Demon Awards 2016

  1. Definite artistic talent(s) there, Rob.

  2. Yes, ,great artistic talent whatever the subject matter. Was that Gandalf the Grey midway down?

  3. Obviously talented, but “too weird, mate” – a quote from a classic BBC sitcom, does anyone know which one?

    • Yes, a definite sub-genre in it’s own right. The subjects are just an excuse to apply a wide skill set to one subject – flesh, metal, fabric – but a magnifying glass is a prerequsite!

  4. “Hell” kit builder figure painter…

  5. I’m not all that into fantasy, but can sure appreciate the incredible talent of these guys and gals! Would love to have seen larger, better lit and more close-up views to really see the fine points of their work.

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