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Modelist Osa III Missile boat

May 29, 2016 in Ships

“Sister” boat to the one I last posted. This is a different version, or copy, and it was produced by an entirely different company. Basically different guns, radar, and missile tubes. There is little information on this kit, and what there is, is not in English. I’m not sure of the scale, but it’s a lot smaller than 1/72, about 13 inches long. It went together fairly well, adding a little scrap filler plastic here and there. An enjoyable build, and match for my Type 021.

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7 responses to Modelist Osa III Missile boat

  1. Good lookin’ build, Joe….those are some menacing lookin’ missile tubes ya got there! 🙂

  2. Size is everything, Craig….thanks…

  3. A very nice addition to you boat collection.

  4. Amazing ship! There is so much out there that I’ve never seen, in WARPAC models.

  5. Neatly done, again, Jo, a worthy member of your growing fleet.

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