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My Prize Easy Eight.

May 1, 2016 in Armor

Built exclusively for iModeler because you gave it to me, as award for December’s monthly model. I was never really interested in the late war “Easy Eight” until of course, I saw “Fury”. Then I was turned on to the wide track, and big muzzle-braked gun on this beast, and started on it straight away upon receiving it. It’s another shake n’ bake Tamiya, no Tribble at all. I just roughed up the armor castings, left off two spare track links and made loose mounts, and added track link armor, Box and ammo can stowage, and a tarp. Still need a suitable tow cable though. Model Master enamels and Tamiya muds were splashed around. The figure I think has a neat action pose and looks just a bit like Brad Pitt. Got to flat coat his jacket a bit.
Now to that new Tamiya SU-76. I like shakin’ and bakin’

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13 responses to My Prize Easy Eight.

  1. Excellent…the build, the pics and the prize – congrats (again) all around, Bill.

  2. A mean looking beast, beautiful.

  3. Nice stowage, Bill. Easy Eights are great!

  4. Boy, you hit that one outta the park!

  5. Good job, Bill, nice to see a prize built so quickly.

  6. Nice build there Bill, very convincing!

  7. Thanks for the positive waves dudes.

  8. Superb as always. You need to do a mud splatter how-to on YouTube.

  9. I
    that tuft-of-grass-mud-polished-steel-shining-through magic you did with the chains.

  10. Another awesome build by Bill Koppos Productions!!!

  11. Very impressive piece of armour Bill! The weathering is awesome, especially on the tracks and wheels.

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