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Ragnars’ rath, Viking long boat

May 3, 2016 in Ships

This is Revell’s 1/50 Viking long boat . I was inspired by the History channel tv show , all I need is a crew and we’re off to Vineland aaarrgh! Straight foreward build, hated the rigging, The little knots were a bear.

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8 responses to Ragnars’ rath, Viking long boat

  1. Robert this is a very nice replica of a Viking long boat. I can almost see Eric the Red leading his men on a raid against a coastal village somewhere in England. Well done!!!

  2. Nicely done, Robert…..I like it.

  3. Now,Robert,I’d have thought that an old sea dog like yourself would be a dab hand at knots! Nice looking model by the way.

  4. Robert, good looking longboat. Shame there aren’t any scale figures to go with it. I always wanted one of those. Think I’m going to look for one, now.

  5. Nice work on the vac-form sail Robert. I did not have the ‘nads to try the sail on mine… I improvised the fixed rigging, but weenied out and just lashed the yard to the whatever they call those support-ey things.

    Pretty good kit that Revell-G, eh?…. a decent copy of the Gokstad ship.

    P.S. I am totally in love with Lagertha! 😉

    • Ditto on Lagertha, The sail is painted rattle can desert tan, the knots as I said were tasking , but the kit gives you plenty of line,
      It is a good kit, all they need is a crew in the proper scale.

  6. Robert, nice looking classic model, I can’t help but think how much fun it would be to have a real one, and get a bunch of guys together and row around the local park, yelling out Norwegian stuff no one would understand !

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