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June 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

This year was the tenth anniversary competition and exhibition of plastic kit builder and
railway and die cast cars.
Here are some pictures of the winning and random glimpses of event.
This already traditional event hosted by club SMV the city KRANJ ,
Developments in the hall of the municipal town hall.with 191 competitive models.
With guests from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Hungary.Austria.


25 additional images. Click to enlarge

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13 responses to traditional competition SMV 2016, Kranj,Slovenija ,28.5.2016

  1. Terrific pics, P.k. – thanks for posting. 🙂

  2. Model geeks all look the same.

    • Interestingly I thought there seemed to be a younger element at this show, at least among the visitors if not the builders.

      • Nice to see kids looking around, especially in twos and threes, talking amongst themselves about the models (aspirational viewing, I thinks it’s called).

        • On average, we have 50 to 60 young people a year in workshops and courses and events such as their baptism because they have their own categories for the competition in all sectors of the age of 6-18 years

      • In our country a few clubs who work with young people every year in school workshops and a year to find talents who with time become the new kit builders and they keep this hobby.

  3. A great looking display. Nice water effects on image 7.

    I thought for a minute that there were no WnW kits to be seen but then the beautiful Albatros popped up.

    Thanks for posting.

    • Not this year, there has been no WNW kit on the tables,
      Only Eduard & Fly 1/48-.
      Kingfisher is the old Airfix, which is nearly as water diorama in the Categorie.

  4. Thanks for sharing these photographs with us, P.k., I liked the Ford Mustang being worked on.

  5. Some nice looking work on display!

  6. Some of these products from the members of Imodeller: Miha Kosi, Greg-X P.k; …

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