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1/48 Brewster F2A-2

June 16, 2016 in Aviation

Who doesn’t like the Tamiya Buffalo? This is one I built a few years ago but somehow neglected to post. I built it straight from the box and finished it with Yellow Wings decals. The only other remarkable fact about it is that it is painted almost completely with Tamiya lacquer spray bombs. The two yellows, the aluminum, and the blue cowling are straight from the rattle can.

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30 responses to 1/48 Brewster F2A-2

  1. Who says rattle cans won’t give ya a good paint job? I use ’em practically all the time….and this one turned out great – I like it.

  2. Very colorful pre-war bird! Since I don’t own an airbrush, I rely on rattle cans also for the occasional yellow, white or NMF finishes. Yours turned out nicely!

  3. I’m also a rattle can head myself, your work is inspirational.

  4. These inter war us aircraft are great subjects – colour scheme and paint job is super – shows just what can be done with different techniques!

    • Thanks David! These yellow wings schemes are what got me to try the Tamiya sprays. They actually have perfect matches available for all of the USN pre-war colors except willow green. I use Modelmaster for that.

  5. The rattle can did a good job.
    Excellent build.

  6. Excellent finish and build on this one!!!

  7. Gorgeous model is accurate. Painted at a high level.

  8. Excellennt finish, I would have never said has ben painted usin rattle cans.


  9. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Good and nice work John. Excellent work on the paint job.
    Takes the viewer back in time just by looking at it.

  10. Very well done John. Nothing wrong with a little rattle can work, especially when it turns out this well. Love the classic color scheme !

  11. Very nice job. 🙂 Just bought one today. It’ll be my third. /)

  12. Great work on a much-maligned plane!

  13. Love the colour scheme, makes a nice change from all the camoflage jobs we see. I’m a Tamiya spray can fan as well.

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