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ICM 1/72 U-2 Komsomolskaya Pravda

June 1, 2016 in Aviation

Almost boxed assemblage.
List of alterations:
– Location of the side lights on the upper wing,
– Removed unnecessary and added right on the hood,
– The separation of the valves, valve lifters,
– Made the top left pipe muffler
– Separate ailerons,
– Manufactured wheels with spokes,
– Replaced the screw,
– Headlight Elf
Painting Akan.

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15 responses to ICM 1/72 U-2 Komsomolskaya Pravda

  1. Excellent work, another great rigging job.

  2. Another outstanding build, sir. Beautifully stunning!

  3. Nice build i like!!!

  4. Excellent. Well photographed !

  5. Nice work Pavel, you are no doubt “the man” when it come’s to rigging.

  6. Another beauty Pavel. The wire wheels really add a lot to your fine build.
    California Steve

  7. Nicely done Pavel, hope it doesn’t fly away, no pilot, no wheel chokes, engine running !

  8. 1/72 is certainly your scale. Another excellent offering.

  9. It looks so delicate, Pavel, do you take it to shows?

  10. Delicate and precise Pavel – lovely work !

  11. Thank you for your feedback. I am pleased to.
    Yes, I give my model on exhibition in Moscow. One time was in Prague.

  12. Well, we’ve stumbled upon another master! Simply excellent work, and gives me something to aspire to (sans rigging 🙂 )! Glad so see such detail and effort in 1/72.

  13. Pavel, excellent work, particularly in 1/72nd.
    Is there a story about this aircraft? I see PRAVDA mentioned, did it work work for the paper? The rigging and wire wheels are amazing.

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