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Mark1.Models 1/144 Mig-19P “FarmerB” Cuba 1962.

June 1, 2016 in Aviation

The model is prepacked short runkit, which no longer exists “ATTACK”.
2013 is assumed molds publisher Mark 1.models 144.
And into some of these kit with new decals and packaging in the bag.
Kit i build from the box and painted with unique colors manufacturer
Metallic colors are much better relate and behave as Alclad II.
I really am more than satisfied with these painting the result was
in competition 1/72 Jet , because I got third place “BRONZE” of 10 in category.
in SMV .


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7 responses to Mark1.Models 1/144 Mig-19P “FarmerB” Cuba 1962.

  1. Amazing craftsmanship for such a scale…great job!

  2. You’re a master of the smaller scale.

  3. Holey Moley that’s a tiny kit. Nice photos, P.k.

  4. How do you make something that small, P.k., the judges must have used magnifying glasses to help them make their decision.

  5. Nice looking work in that scale. My friends rag me for staying with 1/72 but 144, especially small subjects, must take really good eyesight!

  6. Eyes can serve as the only drawing near 50 year,
    for now there are a dozen projects in this scale with accessories Detailing
    when I realize I will share images with you.

    Otherwise, the work of this scale is not different from the rest of the short run and did not fit well and weakens the details and a lot of engraving.
    There have also done their quality paints.


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