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Mig-23MLD 1/72

June 7, 2016 in Aviation

Hello, dear forum members!
Let me introduce to you my latest work, a MiG-23MLD. Soviet multipurpose fighter of the third generation. Gorgeous kit from the company R. V. Aircraft 1/72 scale. Excellent decals for multiple aircraft variants. I chose the Board, who fought in Afghanistan in 1988-89. Separately bought rubber wheels from Elf.
The model was painted mostly with paint Mr.Color. The mask was not applied, painted with airbrush colors at a time. In the set is given a very good photo-etching. The impression of the set were very good.
What came out of it, to judge you )))

11 additional images. Click to enlarge

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21 responses to Mig-23MLD 1/72

  1. Looks great !! Excellent free hand air brush work.

  2. What are those two items on the top of the fuselage? I’m guessing countermeasures of some sort? Photoflash or flares? New to me…

  3. Cool Mig! I like the camo.

  4. One of the best looking Russian fighters. You’ve done a great job on this.

  5. Nice work, Ryzhenkov…..and equally nice photography.

  6. Thank you very much! Your models I also like, happy to consider them.

  7. Great looking MiG 23! The kit looks like a real winner – the fine details (assume some of that is PE), and decals seem just enough detail. Paint and finish work is wonderful – I love the way you indicate the airflow pattern on the underside of the wings from the swept-back position.

  8. Again Ryzhenkov great work very inspiring. I look forward to seeing more from you.

  9. Nice job, excellent detail work.

  10. Great modeling Ryzhenkov, Really nice paint work. This is a very eye catching scheme. Well done !

  11. That’s an excellent job Ryzhenkov, look forward to seeing more of your work.

  12. Very neat job, the colour scheme sets it off beautifully.

  13. Friends, thank you all for your attention to the model!

  14. Very nice Dmitry! I’m a big Mig fan.

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