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Orion III Space Shuttle refurb.

June 22, 2016 in Sci-fi

This is Aurora’s space clipper Orion from 2001 Space Odyssey. it’s a1975 issue. Another one I couldn’t get rid of. I was originally going to refurb it sitting on top of a Saturn booster, that’s how the story in the instructions said it was launched but in the book it launched on top of a mother ship that returns to earth, in the movie its never addressed. So just did the Orion. Rattle can white, homemade decals, and a new paint job in the engine bay. It’s to bad that we’ve never reached the movie’s portrayed technologies.

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5 responses to Orion III Space Shuttle refurb.

  1. Oh yeah….I remember that now. Never seen it modeled, though. Looks good, Robert.

  2. Good to see one of these again. Thanks, Robert. Wonder who has the molds, now.

  3. I’ve heard that Revell/Monogram got most of the Aurora molds, Maybe they don’t have this one. but Airfix had their own, and recently Moebius released a new tool of theirs.

  4. Wonderful! More great memories! Good job man!

  5. Some creative photography you got there Robert – sets her off nicely!

    I recently watched the movie again with my youngest kids, but had forgotten how slow-moving the movie really was! They were bored stiff…

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