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Panavia Tornado IDS 4593, 51 Sqn West German Air Force Lansdberg Lech 1998.

June 5, 2016 in Aviation

1/72 Revell, finished in Revell and MM enamels with Tamiya X22 + X21 which went frosty in places over the kit decals.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge

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16 responses to Panavia Tornado IDS 4593, 51 Sqn West German Air Force Lansdberg Lech 1998.

  1. Nice job, Allan….that really looks good. 🙂

  2. Hi Allan. I hate it when that stuff gets frosty.
    My two cents: Gunze does not. Putting some Armor All over the frosty spots helps.
    Great result nevertheless! The aircraft’s base is less than 20 km from where I live.

  3. It’s really annoying when you get reactions like that when finishing a model, but you’ve still got a sharp looking result.

  4. Nice work, Allan. In the photos the frosting isn’t that apparent. A good looking build nonetheless.

  5. Great job, the extended refueling probe is a nice touch.

  6. Fantastic Allan. That’s a great choice of markings as well.

  7. Thanks Richard, yes nice tiger meet tail.

  8. Great looking Tornado! I’ve got one finished in Luftwaffe scheme, and bought some decals for a Saudi version. One benefit of swing-wing fighters (from a modeler’s standpoint) is that it’s a good excuse to build more than one, so you can see them in different wing-sweep configurations! At least, that’s what I tell the little woman…

  9. Thanks Greg, the only excuse I need is it’s one of my themes.

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