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Trident one 1/144 Airfix

June 2, 2016 in Aviation

That’s the latest production,
Extra colors enamels+decals by two-six
this time I didn’t waste time on the clear parts
the decals give a better result, that is unless you place
a massive amount of work to get something really transparent in which case
you will have to fill in the empty cockpit and cabin.


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10 responses to Trident one 1/144 Airfix

  1. Another ‘old school’ build I assume.These desk-top models were once the ideal, and still have a certain appeal. By the way, in the ‘Category’ area of your Headlines article, it will default to ‘Uncategorised’ if you don’t choose a specific area, e.g., ‘Aircraft.’

    Thanks for posting.

  2. ok Rob thanks
    I’ll check next time.

  3. Nice job, airliners look great in flight, nice touch with the old Matchbox bus.

  4. Nice work…..I remember when most all kits had a stand included – not so much any more.

  5. Trident I learned in childhood when the disaster occurred,

    Then I bought the kit in 1/100 scale and build immediately.

    Nice made the old Airfix I like !!!


  6. You’ve certainly got the knack of completing these airliners, these models bring back fond memories.

  7. Excellent! I like your airliners.

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